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118                                     PLOBA  INDICA.

sula of Katiwar may be considered as the southern termi-
nation of thc.Arawali, though separated from it by an alluvial
plain, l>cuig the continuation of the watershed, and dividing the
streams flowing to the Gulf of Kach (or the delta of the Indus)
from tlxeise that flow into the Gulf of Cambay.

We sftaH now proceed to ^ivc a rapid sketch of the physical
features of the provinces of Iliudostan, commencing with the
southernmost. These arc —

1.  Ceylon.          7. Khandesh.      13. Gujerat

2.  Malabar.        8. Bcrar.            14. Sincl.

3.  Concan.         9. Orissa.           15. llajwara.

4.  Cnrnatic.      10. Bahar.           10. Panjab.

5.  Mysore.        11. Bandclkhand. 17. Upper Gangctic plain.
(5. Dckhau.       12. Malwah.         18. Bengal*

1. Cfiiq
This island extends from 0° almost to 10° N. lat., and is
about 2<X) miles long, and 150 iu greatest width. It is en-
circled by a !>clt of level land, which forms extensive plains
at tKe northern extremity ; and is traversed by a meridional
chain of mountains. These mountains form a narrow range
towards the north, seldom exceeding 1000 feet in elevation,
aiul sink into the plain eighty miles from that extremity ; to
the southward they spread out, attain nearly 9000 feet of ele-
vation, and extend eastward from Adam's Peak to Maha Kllia
(or 1 lorton plains) and Ncwcra Ellia, The trtain indge i*ctains,
perhaps, 6000-7000 feet of mean elevation for thirty milray
uml ex^>atida into elevated plains of coiiHidorable extent, from
which the loftier pcnks rise. To the south and cost, thin
transverse ridge dips abruptly into a low but hilly fore«t-olad
country, bat to the north it gives off a 'immt)cr of meridional
mngcfi of considerable height; these separate tributaries of
the Moliawoli river which flow in elevated mountain valleys,
The great extent and elevation of the high land in Southern
Oylon i>owcrfuHy influences the climate of the whole island,
During tUc south-west (or summer) monsoon the north ami